"Quba Planet" Amusement Park

"Quba Planet" Amusement Park

 For the most courageous guests of our hotel, lovers of thrills and unforgettable impressions, we offer 12 kinds of different attractions. For every taste, temperament and fear.

We will talk about some of them, but briefly, because the rides are not something to be read, but something that needs to be experienced through your own experience. And no videos from the Internet will give you a hundredth of the sensations that you will experience yourself if you risk.

Bumper Car - We all love the circuit for these “mild accidents” when trimming your friends at this mini-circuit. Yes, this is not the worst, but one of the most fun and relaxing attractions. Here you can give free rein to emotions, have a good laugh, shout, an adult can feel like children again, and children can compete in agility with their elders.

Swing Tower - This exciting attraction combines the simple movement of a swing in the vertical structure of the tower. This attraction will briefly return you to your childhood, then to youth, then your whole life will pass by before your eyes, and ... you will return to reality again. These attractions belong to the category of adults but, as a rule, teenagers there feel much bolder. And will you risk a ride on these huge swings, the base of which also rotates around its axis?

Roller Coaster - All over the world slides are one of the most popular attractions. Here you will experience the whole gamut of emotions, which, by the way, is very useful as a medicine for stress or depression. Here, the strongest emotions, fear and incredible happiness, take turns so often that when the journey comes to the final, you will feel, firstly, the happiness that the route was successfully completed. And incredible ease, because they poured out the whole negative, while you were shouting on the roller coaster. In general, psychologists advise, and we also recommend.

Room of fear - Remember where you first heard the horror stories? We are ready to argue that it was in the summer on vacation, or at the summer house when you, along with other peers, shared your stories. Every person has a tendency to need fear, which is why horror films and thrillers are so popular. Well, therefore, amusement parks today are sure to invite guests to visit the "room of fear". Here you can feel like a hero of “horror stories” from childhood or a horror movie: a gloomy situation, ghosts jumping out of nowhere, dead people and monsters guarantee adrenaline rush into the blood. Modern sound and lighting effects, creative decor and stunning interior design create the illusion of the reality of what is happening. In addition, the gloomy atmosphere contributes to an even stronger work of the imagination, and the guests start to shudder at every rustle and scream so that it lays their ears. However, everything that happens here is completely safe. But if someone really gets scared, the staff of the attraction will come to help right away.

In our park there are still many roundabouts for the youngest guests, bigger and cooler roundabouts for middle-aged and older children, and the "Family Train". For middle-aged children, there is also an exciting adventure in the "Safari Convoy", where they will be able to ride in jeeps.

For fans who want to check their accuracy of adults - "Space Weapons".