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The Challette Steak House

The Challette Steak House

The gourmet restaurant (or, as the chefs say, fine-dining) with a magnificent view of the picturesque mountain landscape “Challette” is also “Steak House”. This "duality" immediately allows guests to decide on the choice of a place for lunch and dinner, and dishes. The restaurant is two-storey: on the ground floor, you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee or fragrant tea, enjoy refreshing and alcoholic beverages. On the second floor, it's good to have lunch or dinner. Well, or have breakfast if you are an “owl” and an avid gourmet.

The restaurant opens from 13 to 23 hours officially, and formally - until the last order (including an order at 23 hours). You can get into the “Challette” either by cable car or by car (but, agree, it’s more interesting on the “cable car”, and the appetite will be excellent).

The menu offers dishes of both local and foreign cuisine: several types of barbecue, kebabs, delicious soups and delicious salads.